Why choose ADHESIVES AND BONDING instead of classic joining and fixing methods? And why would you opt for my consulting and support?

Proteam adhesives and bonding

You probably noticed that bonding gives you much more freedom in design. On top of that, you get an excellent optimization of your production processes as well as the functionality of your products and their performance.

This is only some of the reasons why different sorts of flexible and structural bonding substitute more and more classical methods of joining – like screwing, welding, riveting …

Adhesive materials – ADHESIVES and ADHESIVE TAPES – contact me for more information

For more than 20 years, I’ve been dedicated to adhesives and to bonding technology.

Which adhesive or adhesive tape to choose for this or that material? … What to choose so the metal “sticks” on concrete? And what to choose when you need to put teak on the deck of a boat? What is the right adhesive to bond glass with an Aluminum profile? …

Sometimes I get called when something goes wrong – when the adhesive or the adhesive tape or the sealant they are using do not adhere. When that happens, a lot of testing and experimenting in a variety of conditions begins, so I can find out which adhesive material is most appropriate for that particular application.

The list of my references is extensive – I have been involved in many projects nationwide and abroad. To my clients I offer:



I helped with, and also managed to solve, a lot of problems in many different industries and sectors, when inappropriate adhesives and gluing were applied:

  • production of building furniture: doors, and windows
  • automotive industry: production of buses, caravans and campers, special vehicles (fire trucks and ambulances) and holiday mobile homes
  • production of trains and wagons
  • marine: production of boats and vessels – especially teak bonding and decking
  • furniture industry
  • building facades bonding
  • bonding of composite materials
  • production of prefabricated houses
  • and more …

In PROTEAM I take care of all the stages that are necessary to get the best solutions for your project:

  • ANALYSE, examine and asses the project or the production process,
  • CONSULT and give advice which system of bonding or sealing is most optimal for exactly this project and application,
  • CUSTOM SOLUTION: I prepare a selection of materials – the most suitable adhesives, adhesive tapes or sealants for you,
  • DELIVER and supply of materials for bonding or sealing with implementation in your production process;