Technological solution PROTEAM - bonding, adhesives, sealants

What are the right and appropriate technological solutions for the project?

Is this material correct?

It’s so expensive; will it really “hold”?

And the most important question of all:

Which material to choose and how to optimize the production process on one hand and the overall costs of the product on the other?

Let's find answers to these questions - Book a meeting with me!

When these questions arise, “fresh eyes” and unburdened perspective are essential – I invite you to take advantage of my extensive knowledge and experience. I offer you optimized solutions and superior support.


Consulting / optimizing the adhesion and sealing processes for the right technological solutions




Why cooperate with me?
Because with my extensive technical knowledge and experience, I provide the know-how for your needs and requirements in processes that involve adhesives in many areas of application.

When it comes to my consulting, “Custom solution” or “customized solution” is not a shabby line, but a fact – I respond to your individual needs and find for you the right solution for a specific challenge – quickly and easily.

To summarize what are the advantages you get when working with PROTEAM, with me:

  1. Certified expert advice and consulting in adhesive processes
  2. Access to my extensive experience in optimizing the adhesion and sealing processes in various industries
  3. Relentless testing of materials according to specific applications
  4. Custom developed for you, the processes of bonding and sealing and control of them
  5. Training of your staff in the processes of gluing, adhesion and sealing
  6. Unbiased consulting in the selection and purchase of suitable adhesives and sealants, as well as of the right suppliers, for professional use