Quality management is not just a part of technical consulting. It is an integral part of the everyday work of all involved in the process of gluing, which requires control. And of course, it includes choosing the right adhesives for your needs and application.

Comprehensive and strict adherence to the instructions for use and implementation of procedures every time a specific application is being done (“in situ” gluing) ensures that the processes run smoothly. The result of such a process is a permanent, and above all repetitive quality for the production of quality products.

What are the things that need to be monitored and supervised in the process of gluing and adhesion:

  • It is necessary to control the working conditions
  • Monitor the minimum and maximum temperature,
  • Control moisture,
  • The cleanliness of the workspace must be controlled …
  • To monitor the correct ratio of components in the use of adhesive’s components – this is of utmost importance (whether it be manual mixing or automatic mixing (dosing)).

The control of adhesion and gluing processes can involve and influence:

  • Determining the causes of problems on production lines
  • Quality management
  • Monitoring of process for DIN6701