What is the basis for a high-quality product for the production of which gluing is required?

  1. Choosing the right adhesive for this particular application and
  2. Determining the appropriate bonding process in production.

Training your production team is therefore very important. This is the only way the quality of products is always the same. The process of bonding must be repeatable – every time, without exception.

Proper preparation of surfaces is also extremely important – we pay particular attention to this training

Proper preparation of surfaces comprises of:

  • Cleaning,
  • Use of pre-coats …,
  • Taking into account the evaporation time of cleaners and pre-coats,
  • Taking into account open time,
  • Providing suitable fixation until the adhesive has reached the strength for manipulation and its final strengths …

Only qualified users of adhesives may and can guarantee the quality of the processes. The human factor is extremely important.



The training of bonders includes:

  • How to prepare the adhesive surfaces
  • Teach them the proper use of adhesives
  • Introduction of adhesives and bonding technology