Technical consulting needs to be consideret in all stages of the project. It is important for choosing the right adhesives and gluing processes for your production. Technical consulting begins with the project analysis and concludes with the development of a repeatable bonding process.

My mission is twofold:

  1. Providing my business partners with technical advice, consulting and assistance in the selection of suitable adhesives and bonding processes. Most often I am involved as a “development supplier” from the very beginning when a product is in the R&D phase and
  2. Preparing and introducing adhesive technology for companies and partners in diverse industrial segments. As well as optimizing processes at different stages of a product’s life cycle.

Technical advice is important already in the first phase when the glue is selected

The choice of adhesive depends:

  • From substrates (metals, plastics, wood, glass, stone, rubber, ceramics …) that are to be glued,
  • On the required/desired strength of bonded joint and elasticity.
  • On conditions – where and under what conditions the final product will be used – outside, inside, over water, under water – temperature range, chemicals …
  • On the desired gluing process – whether it is to be manual or automated, with longer or perhaps shorter curing time
  • On the need for recycling and, last but not least, cost-effectiveness

If you use high-quality adhesives and strictly follow the adhesion procedures prescribed, the production of reliable and high-quality products is assured.

Thus, you will have less risk of poor product quality and there will be no stress over the potential loss of your good name and reputation, as there will not be and dissatisfied end-users / consumers in the event of any complaints.

In the context of technical consulting, it is a must to take care of all the stages that are necessary for the users to come up with the best solutions for each project:

  • Examine the project and the production process,
  • Consult which adhesive or sealing system is most optimal,
  • Prepare a selection of materials – which adhesives, adhesive tapes or sealing materials are most suitable,
  • Supply of adhesive or sealing materials and
  • Carry out training and education of all involved in the processes of gluing and sealing



I consult in various industries and industry fields:

manufacture of building furniture (doors and windows), buss production, processed vehicles (ambulances, firetrucks, …), production of trains and trams, marine and manufacture  of other vessels, furniture industry, bonding of ventilated facades, bonding of composite materials, production of prefabricated houses and more …

What exactly is included in technical consulting:

  • Selection of substrates
  • Component design
  • Design of adhesive joints
  • Selection and evaluation of adhesives and bonding materials
  • Selecting adhesive dosing equipment
  • Technology validation, prototyping for validation and proof of the concept
  • Product development – participation in R&D teams for new products
  • Optimization of bonding processes – finding solutions for cost reductions
  • Testing of adhesives
  • Introduction of the selected technology in mass production
  • Quality management
  • Qualification of the supplier
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